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To send an email to us, type the address below into the address box of your email program, write your message and hit 'send' as usual. 

email address for Northcraig Cottage B&B

Because of our website we have received a lot of spam. To protect us from that we have shown our email address in a special way.

There is no live hyperlink to our email address on this website because spammers use automated programs to search through the internet to find any string of characters which may be an email address. If a website has a typical item of code such as 'mailto', it is recognised by the 'spider' programs that spammers use and before long that website will receive a lot of unwanted rubbish.

A simple way to stop 'spider' programs harvesting an email address is to show the information as a picture, not as a hyperlink or normal text; that is what we have done.




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